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Monday, February 14, 2005

My story

My name is Mamah. I came from Sierra Leone; my first language is Mandingo and I studied English in school. Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa and the capital city is Freetown. I attended one of the best high schools in my country called The Saint Josephs Convent Secondary High School.

I came to Australia two months ago, and I am learning an English course in AMES level 2 and we study one hour every day with computers. I am not good in computer class because it is my first time to even touch it. My teacher and I tried all our best for me to study and learn very good computer skills. My aim is to be one of my teachers’ best students.

After my course, I would like to work in an office or be a teacher and make a good sum of money for the up keeping of my family.

In Australia I saw a good thing that improves my ability of learning, reading and speaking English to the highest level. Some people think it is not important in Australia, but they are not right about it. The Australian government spends a lot of money on English courses.